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Whats is PlantCoin?

The world is on the verge of non-reversible destruction because of the ever increasing carbon footprint. PlantCoin is the first coin aimed to contribute to this cause, while giving back to its investors.

We focus on helping people get more money and contributing to the fight against the climate change simultaneously with a simple way, just by buying PlantCoins. For each transaction happening using PlantCoins 5% of fees will be allocated to its holders and 5% will be used as a public donation to organizations like OneTreePlaned or TeamTrees. The organisation will be decided from our voting platform and all PlantCoin holders will have a right to participate.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to enable retail investors to make consious investments that contribute towards fighting climate change.

Submit A Project.

You can submit your project of your choosing that we will be making donations to. (Current under construction)


Our Roadmap.

Our plans for the future:


As a first step of our project, we'll focus on creating a thriving community of consious-minded investors that share our vision. We'll also pursue partnerships with key influencers that will raise awareness to our cause.

Voting Platform

Our next step will be to launch our voting platform so token holders can vote where we will start making donations. We are open to accepting proposals for organisations to work with from any PlantCoin holder.

Start Donations

Every 2 weeks, we'll gather the fees that have accumulated through transactions and start sending to non-profit organisations that are fighting climate change.

eShop Platform

We plan to launch our own eShop store with PlantCoin merchandise where the profits will be added to our donations.


We'll continue our marketing efforts and aim to increase brand recognition and bring more investors to join our community.


To sustain our growth we will look for real world use-cases where PlantCoin can be used. We'll look into getting listed in popular centralised exchanges and run campaigns that will raise awareness to our token.



40% of the initial 100 quadrillion supply will be burned at launch.


Majority of the PlantCoin tokens will be reserved for our community.


5% of the tokens will be reserved for our team of 5.

Marketing / Business

We will reserve some tokens to be able to run marketing and operations.